Tuesday January 23, 2018

Enjoy this “Virtual Tour” of Harding Township and see the community as I do each day. My goal is to provide you with all the information you need to make your housing decisions. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to see homes for sale in Harding Township.

A Virtual Tour of Harding Township

Harding Township is a picturesque community with gentle rolling hills and numerous grand estates.
  • http://www.townandcountryproperties.com/public/photos_town/bayneparl2.jpg

    Bayne Park

  • http://www.townandcountryproperties.com/public/photos_town/baynepark3.jpg

    Bayne Park

  • http://www.townandcountryproperties.com/public/photos_town/baynepark.jpg

    Bayne Park- The perfect place to picnic

  • http://www.townandcountryproperties.com/public/photos_town/911memorial.jpg

    9/11 Memorial & Park

  • http://www.townandcountryproperties.com/public/photos_town/christtheking.jpg

    Church of Christ the King

  • http://www.townandcountryproperties.com/public/photos_town/New Vernon Sign.jpg

    Historic District Sign

  • http://www.townandcountryproperties.com/public/photos_town/church.jpg

    First Presbyterian Church

  • http://www.townandcountryproperties.com/public/photos_town/firehouse.jpg

    New Vernon Firehouse

  • http://www.townandcountryproperties.com/public/photos_town/hardingschool.jpg

    Harding School

  • http://www.townandcountryproperties.com/public/photos_town/historical.jpg

    New Vernon Historical Society

  • http://www.townandcountryproperties.com/public/photos_town/municipal.jpg

    Municipal Building

  • http://www.townandcountryproperties.com/public/photos_town/postoffice.jpg

    New Vernon Post Office

  • http://www.townandcountryproperties.com/public/photos_town/greatswamp.jpg

    The Great Swamp

  • http://www.townandcountryproperties.com/public/photos_town/greatswamp2.jpg

    The Great Swamp

More About Harding Township

At the center of Harding Township is the quaint village of New Vernon, which is comprised of two delicatessens, post office, miscellaneous offices, and a historic Presbyterian church. Forbes magazine ranked the New Vernon zip code, 07976, as one of "the 25 most expensive zip codes" in the country in 2008. The township is most noted for its expansive estates, fox hunts, bridle paths and horse farms.

Town History

In 1922, several estate owners, desirous of better roads and wishing to deter suburban development, led the movement to form Harding Township. Therefore the township was created from the northern half of Passaic Township (the southern portion is now called Long Hill Township) and was named after president Warren G. Harding.The desire to preserve Harding’s rural character was evident by 1928. An unusual private land preservation effort was started with the New Vernon Neighborhood Restrictive Agreement, when several estate owners convinced many others to place restrictive covenants on their land. This pre-zoning, voluntary effort to limit development and save the pastoral qualities of over 1000 acres across Harding Township influenced subsequent zoning codes and helped preserve the landscape.


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Harding Township SchoolElementary
Madison High SchoolHigh School
Organizations & Activities

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Morris Habitat For Humanity Inc.Civic Organizations
Harding Twp./Green Village Bridle Path AssociationCivic Organizations
Great Swamp Watershed AssociationCivic Organizations
Harding Township Civic AssociationCivic Organizations
Phone & E-mail Directory

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Fire Department - Green Village973.377.7073
Fire Department- Volunteer - New Vernon973.538.1277
Police Department 973.455.0500
Township Administrator 973.267.8000 x117
Area Restaurants

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Meyersville InnGillette
Minuteman Restaurant & Pie ShopHarding