Tuesday January 23, 2018

Getting Ready For A Successful Sale


The first step can be tough, but is also very important. Stand at the curb and look at your house, be critical and analytical. This will be the first thing the potential purchaser will see. Walk the property and your house with a pad and pencil. List anything you think is less than satisfactory. You can review the list later to determine what can and cannot be taken care of.


Clean anything that looks unkempt or dirty; repair or replace anything that looks loose, dingy, rusted or broken. Replace a tired looking mailbox. Clean the exterior light fixtures and wash the windows. Repair or replace hanging or rusty gutters, a crooked antenna, loose shingles or shutters. Mend the fence or fix a gate latch, even a painting if needed. In the yard, trim the trees and shrubs, weed the beds and put down fresh mulch. In the summer give the patio furniture a good cleaning. In the fall regularly rake the leaves and in winter keep the driveway and walkways shoveled and free of ice.


What a buyer feels at the front door can influence how they feel about the rest of the house. It’s worth the extra effort to spruce it up. Making sure the doorbell works and the door opens and closes easily, as well as a fresh coat of paint will do wonders.


These areas of your home attract significant attention and should be gleaming. Clear off the counter tops in these room to maximize the space. In the kitchen, clean the stove and microwave and remove any magnets, notes and artwork from the refrigerator. In the bath, give a good scrubbing to remove any mineral deposits from the shower walls, if needed re-caulk and possibly add a new shower curtain to give a fresh, cared for appearance.


De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter! You will be glad when you’re packing to have already accomplished this task. Keep in mind that our goal is to have the buyers imagining themselves living in your home. If you have a lot of furniture it may be a good idea to move some of it out, also pack up your collections in advance so that they are not a distraction, both of which will additionally make the rooms appear more spacious.


Again, the more spacious they appear the better. Remove any posters from the walls of children’s rooms and give a fresh coat of paint. Clean out the closets, removing out of season clothes and clutter. Organize what is left with clothes hung neatly, shoes and other items placed tidily. Buyers will look in the closets, but if you are in need of a place to put things, use under-the-bed storage boxes. This is one place they do not look!


It’s time to liberate these areas. Do it now, when it can benefit the appearance of your home. As well as the living space, buyers are looking at storage areas. Get rid of unnecessary items and give a good cleaning.


Have carpets shampooed, wax the floors, wash the walls, windows, blinds, drapes and lighting fixtures. Repair dripping faucets, loose doorknobs, sticking doors or windows. Replaces discolored or cracked switch plates. Lastly, tighten loose stair banisters and make sure steps are free of objects.